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Cabrera said he and Magdaleno modeled Vices after the consignment shoe shops they frequented in Los Angeles and New York. “We both knew we wanted to open our own sneaker boutique in Denver,” Cabrera said. “Denver is a popular market for sneakers and sneaker enthusiasts.” Some of those local sneaker fans are professional athletes: Cabrera said his customers include Broncos and Nuggets players looking for collector shoes on resale. Vices pockets 15 percent of each shoe sale, according to its website. Cabrera said the business pulled in half a million dollars in revenue last year. Vices relocated to its new 1,900-square-foot location two weeks ago after two years on South Broadway. Rent at the new store is $3,900 per month, Cabrera said. The location is also within strolling distance of another store for sneaker-heads. Fice , which sells new athletic footwear and apparel, is a mile away in RiNo.

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