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A total of 5,000 squirrel-watchers are required across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Volunteers will help protect resident squirrel populations. Researchers say the species remains under threat because of disease and competition for food from larger grey squirrels, from north America. This army of volunteers led by the Wildlife Trusts will focus on nine "red squirrel strongholds". At each of these woodland sites, volunteers will be asked กระเป๋า แบรนด์ 2014 to monitor the animals, and to set up motion sensitive cameras for continuous, detailed surveys. Image copyright Tim Blackburn Squirrel-watchers will also be asked to look out for the larger, much more common grey squirrels, so that where they are encroaching on the reds' habitat, they can be culled. A pox virus, carried by the greys and usually deadly to native reds, is largely blamed for the nationwide crash in the red squirrel population since the 1950s. In the Pine forests of Scotland, the native species is faring better, with a population that appears to be increasing. But having dedicated volunteers in these nine pockets of habitat, according to Wildlife Trusts ecologist Dr Cathleen Thomas, will be key to ensuring that this "icon" of the countryside doesn't disappear from the rest of Britain in the next few decades. 'Damaging' greys "We've seen a great deal of success, and numbers of reds increasing, where we have had dedicated groups of volunteers, so we want to co-ordinate that on a national scale," she told BBC News.

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